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Sophia Mason (1995) is a young artist who was born in the UK and raised in The Netherlands. She started singing and dancing at the age of 3. Her whole life has been dedicated to art and creating it.

She studied at Fontys Higher school of arts for Contemporary / Urban Dance and graduated in 2017. After that she worked with a lot of different people in the commercial as well as the artistic and theatre world. Choreographers and Artists like Keone & Mariel Madrid, Ed Wubbe, Isabelle Beernaert, Tony Adigun, Melanie C and Buddy Vedder.

After dancing professionally for a few years and always making music and singing, she decided to combine the two and participated in a new Dutch TV format; DanceSing. Within and during the competition Sophia developed herself into at true artist and performer. She made it to the finals and became second in the program. 


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